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CE Marking after the Referendum – Update

eu_flagThe UK has now been to the polling stations and the results show that the general public has decided that the UK should leave the European Union. So what affect will this have on the movement of goods in Europe and CE marking for UK manufacturers?

In the short term, it has been confirmed that business can continue like usual, and the free movement of goods between the members of the EU can also continue. This means that products and machines being placed on the market in the UK (and the rest of the EU) will still be required to be CE marked as appropriate.

It is more difficult to say what could happen in the long term, as it will depend upon what will be negotiated within or after the ‘Article 50’ process for the UK to leave the EU. However, it is important to remember that the Leave campaign still wish to trade with the EU and given that the CE Marking Directives are implemented into UK law, it is likely that CE marking will still remain a requirement for UK manufacturers.

The same rules and laws will apply to them [businesses and workers] after Brexit as they did before.”
(Theresa May – Oct’16)

UPDATE: Theresa May at the Conservative Party Conference at the start of October 2016 said that when the European Communities Act is repealed the acquis (the existing body of EU Legislation) into British law. These UK laws will then only be amended when they have been subject to full scrutiny and proper Parliamentary debate.

The key message is that the same rules and laws apply and therefore it is presumed that the same will apply for CE Marking Legislation for UK Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors.

The CE Marking Association will continue to keep an eye on future developments and will continue to support our clients with the UK and European product conformity requirements. If you have any questions about CE marking, then please feel free to get in contact.

Original article 24th June 2016 and updated 4th January 2019

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