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As you are now by no doubt aware, the UK has voted and the results of the General Election are now in. The united Kingdom has returned a majority Conservative Government under Prime Minister Boris Johnson. We look at how this development affects your CE Marking obligations.

Prior to the General Election, the Act of Parliament invoking the European Union Withdrawal Agreement (See our previous article) was paused as the political parties prepared for the general Election.

The majority Government now has sufficient support to enable the bill to pass through parliament unhindered, and it is therefore highly likely that the UK will leave the European Union and enter the implementation period on 31st January 2020.

During the implementation period, CE Marking obligations will be unaffected as the UK will continue to have effect under UK law; we would therefore advise that Manufacturers continue to CE Mark their products as before. 

Product Compliance legislation in the UK following the implementation period is subject to any trade deal negotiated with the default position being as we described in our October update.

The CE Marking Association will continue to follow the Brexit process and consider its effects on CE Marking for UK Manufacturers; we will publish updates as they become available however if you wish to discuss any topics related to CE Marking, then please get in contact.

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