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Prime Minister announces the Windsor Framework

The front page of the UK Government's 'The Windsor Framework - A new way forward' documentThe UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak this week (27th February) announced the agreement of the Windsor Framework which makes amendments to the Northern Ireland Protocol in order to streamline the movement of goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland protocol allowed Northern Ireland to remain within the European Single Market in order to maintain a frictionless border on the island of Ireland thus respecting the Belfast Agreement. This however required checks to be made on products entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain. The Windsor Framework aims to remove the majority of those checks by creating a ‘Green Lane’ for goods destined only for Northern Ireland, where those goods are allowed to freely circulate and a ‘Red Lane’ for goods destined for the EU market, where current checks remain.

The UK Government has undertaken to work with businesses to set our more detail on these arrangements and as such at present, the CE Marking Association is seeking clarification on what constitutes ‘goods staying in the UK’ in order to understand how the framework affects Manufacturers’ CE and UKNI marking obligations.

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