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The CE Marking Association are a leading provider of help, training, product assessment and testing for product compliance legislation.

We can help you CE Mark your products! From machines to toys, our experienced engineers can assist you every step of the way!

We provide unbiased and accurate information to explain the CE Mark without the legal jargon and with the right level of technical support to help you on your way!

Protect your business from changes in product legislation and through membership we can help you stay one step ahead.

Testing and compliance services

Instant and cost-effective  solutions to your compliance needs. We can help you get your products or machinery ready for market with our comprehensive range of testing and compliance services.

Training and workshop solutions

Reduce the cost of product compliance by learning how to design for compliance and certify your own products. Develop your in-company expertise through our extensive range of workshops and bespoke CE Marking training courses.

Membership for on-going support

Protect your business by keeping informed of changes in Directives and legislation that may affect the ongoing conformity of your products or machines by becoming a member of the Association.

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What is CE Marking?

Whether you are new to product legislation or just want to refresh your knowledge, we can answer your conformity questions!

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