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Our CE Marking Brochure

Discover our services in our CE Marking Brochure

We have a range of cost effective services to make compliance simple, without cutting corners. Our services are summarised in our CE Marking brochure, which you can download or view in the frame below.

You don’t need to be member, but it may be beneficial!

CE Marking BrochureAll of our commercial services (Consultancy, Product Testing, Training, etc.) are available to non-members and members alike. However, to assist you in keeping up to date, we invite you to become a member.

We are the most active independent product compliance association of its kind in the UK and offer a wide range of benefits. We are here to help you navigate through the maze of product compliance. Please visit our membership page for the benefits and how to join. Alternatively please call us on 01564 792349 to explain how membership can help you!

You can find out more about our testing and consultancy services on our compliance services page and how we can bring more CE marking and product conformity knowledge in house on our training services page, or if you would like to speak to an advisor then please call the head office on 01564 792349.