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UPDATE: On the 6th July, The Cabinet of the United Kingdom agreed its position on the UK’s exit from the European Union. We take a look at how this may affect your CE Marking Obligations.

The cabinet agreed that the UK should maintain a common rulebook for all goods within the UK and EU following Brexit. The Government seems willing to commit to a treaty allowing ongoing harmonisation with European rules (which would by definition include CE Marking legislation) but would retain the ability to choose which future legislation it may decide to incorporate into UK law. There was also an implicit suggestion that this would only be done in the best interest of UK manufacturers.

The Government is also keen to maintain the UK’s strong position on the various International Standards Bodies on which it currently sits, effectively giving the UK leverage over the factors underpinning EU legislation if not over EU legislation itself. A full transcript of the Government statement following the Chequers agreement can be found here:

It should be stressed that this is currently only a proposal at present and will require agreement from both the UK parliament and the EU.

Should the UK Parliament and the EU agree to this model, it would suggest very little change to the current system in terms of product compliance however questions would still remain over the UK’s position in the ‘Community’ for certain aspects of the process and as such it may pay to continue to assume that the UK will sit outside of the Community following Brexit.

The CE Marking Association will continue to follow the Brexit process and consider its effects on CE Marking for UK Manufacturers; we will publish updates as they become available however if you wish to discuss any topics related to CE Marking, then please get in contact.

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