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CE Marking under the CPR Workshop


The CE Marking Association are specialists in CE Marking and product compliance. We can offer you a wide range of compliance and training services to help you to understand and meet your legal obligations with regards to CE Marking and product compliance.

This workshop will cover the requirements for meeting your CE Marking obligations in regards to the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011. The workshop is aimed at manufacturers, importers or distributors who place construction products on the European (EEA) market.

The key aims and objectives of the workshop are:

  • To understand the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation.
  • To enable you to self declare and undertake a conformity assessment of your product.
  • To help you identify and apply a relevant harmonised technical specification, i.e Harmonised Standard (hEN) or European Assessment Document (EAD)
  • To understand your obligations for producing documentation and the Declaration of Performance (DoP).
  • To give you an opportunity to work through a practical example.
  • To reduce your company’s exposure to EU litigation.


Step 1: Identify the applicable legislation

Determining Scope

  • Subject Matter (Scope of the regulation)
  • The Definition of Construction Products
  • Basic requirements of construction works and essential characteristics of construction products
  • Identify the applicable Harmonised Technical Specification


  • No hEN
  • Derogations

Step 2: Identify the applicable requirements of the legislation

Obligations of Ecomonic Operators

  • Obligation of Manufacturers
  • Authorised Representatives
  • Obligation of Importers
  • Obligation of Distributors
  • Cases in which obligations of manufacturers apply to importers and distributors

Harmonised Technical Specification

  • Harmonised Standards
    • How to identify Harmonised Standards
    • Annex ZA
    • Notified Bodies
      • Obligations of Notified Bodies
      • Identifying Notified Bodies
  • European Assessment Document (EAD)
    • Identifying an EAD
    • TABs
      • Identifying TABs
      • Product Areas for TABs
      • Requirements for TABs

Step 3: Identify the appropriate route to conformity

Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP)

  • Systems of assessment
  • Levels or classes of performance

Simplified Procedures

  • Use of appropriate technical documentation
  • Micro enterprises
  • Other procedures

Step 4: Assessment of the product’s conformity

hEN Assessment & Presumption of Conformity

European Technical Assessment

Step 5: Compile the technical documentation

Technical Documentation Requirements

  • Harmonised Technical Specification Report
  • Specific Technical Documentation (STD)
  • European Technical Assessment (ETA)

Step 6: Make a Declaration and affix the CE mark

Declaration of Performance

  • Content of the Declaration of Performance
  • Supply of the Declaration of Performance

CE Marking

  • Rules and conditions for the affixing of CE Marking
  • Use of other markings

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Workshops are held at our training facility in Bordesley Hall, Alvechurch, Birmingham.

In-house training also available, please contact us on 01527 595066 for more information.


Standard Price: £325 per delegate.
Member’s Price: £245 per delegate.

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