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Noise Emissions from Outdoor Equipment (2000/14/EC)

The Noise Emissions Directive is a CE Marking Directive which only applies to the list of 57 types of equipment mentioned in Article 12 & 13 (see below) of the Directive which are intended to be used outdoors. Furthermore the directive only covers equipment that is placed on the market or put into service as a unit suitable for the intended use. The only products excluded from the scope of the directive are those primarily for the transport of goods or persons by road, rail, air or water and equipment specifically designed for military, police or emergency services.

Simplified list of equipment subject to
noise limits (Article 12)*
Simplified list of equipment subject to
noise markings (Article 13)*
– Builders Hoists for the Transport of Goods
– Compaction Machines
– Compressors (<350kW)
– Concrete-Breakers & Picks (Hand-Held)
– Construction Winches (Combustion Driven)
– Dozers (<500kW)
– Dumpers (<500kW)
– Excavators, Hydraulic or Rope-Operated (<500kW)
– Excavators-Loaders (<500kW)
– Graders (<500kW)
– Hydraulic Power Packs
– Landfill Compactors, Loader-type with Bucket (<500kW)
– Lawnmowers
– Lawn Trimmers/Lawn Edge Trimmers
– Lift Trucks (Combustion Driven & Counterbalanced)
– Loaders (<500kW)
– Mobile Cranes
– Motor Hoes (<3kW)
– Paver Finishers
– Power Generators (<400kW)
– Tower Cranes
– Welding Generators
– Aerial Access Platforms
– Brush Cutters
– Builders hoists for the Transport of Goods
– Building Site Band Saw Machines
– Building Site Circular Saw Benches
– Chain Saws, Portable
– Combined Flushers and Suction Vehicles
– Compaction Machines
– Concrete/Mortar Mixers,Conveyors & Sprayers
– Construction Winches
– Conveyor Belts
– Cooling Equipment on Vehicles
– Drill Rigs
– Equipment for Loading/Unloading Silos or Tanks
– Glass Recycling Containers
– Grass, Hedge and Grass Edge Trimmers
– High Pressure Flushers and Water Jet Machines
– Hydraulic Hammers
– Joint Cutters
– Leaf Blowers and Leaf Collectors
– Lift Trucks
– Mobile Waste Containers and Refuge Trucks
– Paver-Finishers
– Piling Equipment
– Pipelayers
– Piste Caterpillars
– Power Generators (>= 400kW)
– Power Sweepers
– Road Milling Machines
– Scarifiers and Shredders/Chippers
– Snow-Removing Machines with Rotating Tools
– Suctions Vehicles
– Trenchers
– Truck Mixers
– Water Pump Units

*Full description can be found in Annex I of the Directive.

Conformity Procedure

Conformity Assessment for products subject to noise limits (Products listed in Article 12)

The manufacturer must subject of each type of equipment placed on the market to one of the following conformity assessment procedures:

1. Internal Control of Production with Assessment of Technical Documentation & Periodic Checking (see annex VI):

2. Unit Verification (see annex VII)

3. Full Quality Assurance (see annex VIII)

Note: All conformity assessment procedures for products listed under Article 12 will require the involvement of a notified body.

Conformity Assessment for products subject to noise marking only (products listed in Article 13)

The manufacturer must subject of each type of equipment placed on the market to the following conformity assessment procedure:

1. Internal control of production (see annex V)

Note: The conformity assessment procedure for products listed in Article 12 do not require the use of a notified body.

Marking Requirements

Along with the ‘CE’ logo, products which fall under the Directive must also have marking indicating the ‘Guaranteed Sound Power Level’. This marking must take the following form and proportions:


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