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Harmonised Standards and the Official Journal

Some of you may have noticed that under certain CE Marking Directives (at the moment: Machinery, PPE and Construction Products), the list of Harmonised Standards has disappeared from the Official Journal.

This is the new format that the European Union will be using to publish Harmonised Standards and is as a result of Regulation (EU) No. 1025/2012 on European Standardisation and a number of European Court of Justice rulings.

The essence of these rulings is that lists of Harmonised Standards must now be issued as Legislative (L) notices and not Informative (C) notices. The change to legislative notices also means that the European Union is unable to issue ‘Consolidated Lists’ and therefore the amended notices will now have specific lists of new references and withdrawn references.

The upshot of this is that Harmonised Standards will no longer be listed on the web page itself but will be listed within .pdf files referenced on the web page. At the moment, two files are referenced; the legacy consolidated list and the new specific list. The best way to assess whether a Standard is harmonised is to first search the consolidated list, then the specific list to assess whether a Standard has been withdrawn or introduced. How the system will work when there are multiple amendments remains to be seen.

If you need any help and support in identifying or applying Harmonised Standards then please call us on 01564 792349.

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