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ATEX Directive Workshop


The CE Marking Association are specialists in CE Marking and product compliance. We can offer you a wide range of compliance and training services to help you to understand and meet your legal obligations with regards to CE Marking and product compliance.

This workshop will cover the general requirements for meeting the CE Requirements for the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC. The workshop is aimed at companies in the manufacture, import or distribution of machinery or electronic apparatus for sale within the European Economic Area (EEA) for use in Explosive Atmospheres.

The key aims and objectives of the workshop are:

  • To enable your product to be assessed under the ATEX Directives for sale throughout the EU.
  • To enable you to perform a risk assessment of your product.
  • To be able to identify and apply relevant standards.
  • To reduce your company’s exposure to EU litigation.


Day 1

Introduction & Welcome

Session 1 Introduction & History

  • Presenter introductions
  • Objective and organisation of the course
  • Brief look at past incidents, causes, results and statistics

Session 2 Flammable Materials

  • Characteristics and properties
  • Flashpoint versus AIT (Auto Ignition Temperature)
  • Flammability limits
  • Mechanics of an explosion

Session 3 ATEX & DSEAR

  • Explanation of the following documents and significant requirements of UK legislation
  • ATEX 94/9/EC
  • ATEX 99/92/EC

Session 4 Marking and Certification

  • How to read a certification label
  • ATEX marking for electrical and non-electrical equipment
  • Special requirements
  • Dual and combined certification

Session 5 Ex d – Flameproof Protection

  • Standards
  • Principle of protection
  • Pressure piling
  • Weatherproofing

Day 2:

Session 1 Ex p – Purge and Pressurisation

  • Standards
  • Pinciple of protection
  • Common equipment types

Session 2 Ex e – Increased Safety

  • Standards
  • Principle of protection
  • Common equipment types

Session 3 Ex n – “Normally Non-Incendive”

  • Standards
  • Types of apparatus
  • Ex nA – non-sparking
  • Ex nL – energy limited
  • Ex nC – enclosed break
  • Ex nR – restricted breathing

Session 4 Ex i – Intrinsic Safety

  • Standards
  • Principle of protection
  • Systems
  • Earthing
  • Simple apparatus

Session 5 Open Session – Questions from the floor

  • A chance for the client to put forward some of the concepts they are using, how they are using them, and how they are/are not complying with the latest requirements

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Workshops are held at our training facility in Bordesley Hall, Alvechurch, Birmingham.

In-house training also available, please contact us on 01527 595066 for more information.


Standard Price: £650 per delegate.
Member’s Price: £325 per delegate.

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