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On the 16th July, EU Regulation (EU) 2019/1020 came into force. This Regulation imposes additional market surveillance requirements on CE Marked products entering the EU from a third country such as the UK.

The Regulation requires that prior to entering the EU, a third country Manufacturer must identify an ‘Economic Operator’ on the product, packaging or accompanying paperwork. An Economic Operator can be:

  • Another Manufacturer
  • An Importer
  • An Authorised Representative
  • A Fulfillment Centre


The regulation does not require third country manufacturers to appoint an EU Authorised Representative; this is reserved as an option. As a result of the UK leaving the European Union; anybody who brings products into the EU from the UK becomes an Importer and as such the obligations of the Regulation can be met simply by identifying that person or organisation.

The Regulation is intended to facilitate market surveillance in the EU to the extent that it will be easier to identify non-compliant products prior to entering the EU; as such as a third country (inc. UK) Manufacturer, if you do not follow this Regulation, it is highly likely that your goods will be rejected at the EU border.

To note, as under the terms of the EU Withdrawal Agreement, Northern Ireland although part of the UK, remains part of the Single Market and as such, the Regulation does not apply to good originating from there.

If you require further help or advice requiring CE Marking your product, or about Regulation (EU) 2019/1020, please don’t hesitate to contact the CE Marking Association on 01567 792369

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