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Energy Labelling Updates

Household Tumble Driers

The European Commission have published an EU Regulation on the energy labelling requirements for household tumble driers in the Official Journal, which places new responsibilities on suppliers and dealers, and brings household tumble driers into line with the new A+ labelling system. The Regulation (No 392/2012) supplements the Energy-related Products Directive (2010/30/EU) and replaces the existing Directive (95/13/EC).

However the new Regulation contains the wrong date for when the provisions will apply.

The current text of the Regulation states that the new the provisions will apply from 29 May 2012 and that the provisions shall not apply to printed advertisements and printed technical promotional material published before 29 September 2012. However, the Commission has confirmed that these dates are wrong and has since published a corrigendum to confirm that the former date should read 29 May 2013 and the latter date should read 29 September 2013.

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