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Electromagnetic Fields and Safety

Electromagnetic fields testingThe majority of electrical products are liable to generate electromagnetic fields and whilst there is a CE Marking Legislation (EMC Directive 2014/30/EU) that covers the performance side of emissions and immunity of electromagnetic fields, it does not contain any safety requirements.

The safety aspect is usually covered by other product legislation, such as the Machinery and Low Voltage Directives, which contain requirements asking manufacturers to ensure that radiation does not have an adverse effect on persons. Whilst there could be range of different types of radiation to consider, it will also cover electromagnetic fields.

The requirements on radiation have featured part of the CE Marking process for a long time, however it is likely to become more prominent when a new ‘user legislation’ known as the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Directive is planned to come into force in 2016. The new EMF Directive is likely to drive demand as customers will be asking manufacturers and importers for evidence of conformity to assist the users to meet their requirements under the EMF Directive.

Conformity requirements

The conformity requirements and process will depend upon which other product legislation applies, but as most of the current product legislation offers a self-declaration route, this should remain the case when demonstrating that your equipment does not have adverse effects on persons using the equipment or persons nearby. Better news is that standards to demonstrate conformity already exist and can be used as part of the conformity process.

Some of the common electromagnetic fields standards are:

  • EN 12198 for machinery
  • EN 50385 for radio equipment
  • EN 62233 for electrical household appliances

For further guidance on the safety aspect of electromagnetic fields, please download a copy of our CE Marking and EMF guidance document (PDF – 1.3MB).

How we can help

The CE Marking Association can provide advice and undertake testing to assist manufacturers, importers and users of equipment that is liable to generate an electromagnetic fields that is liable to have adverse effects on persons.

Example testing costs:

– On site testing: Prices start from £1250.00 (for upto 5 simple products or 1 complex machine)
– In lab testing: Prices start from £250.00 per product (for simple products)


To find out how we can help you or for a formal quote, please call us on 01564 792349, or please complete our online enquiry form.