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Brexit Update – September 2020

On the 1st September, the UK Government issued amended guidance around the use of the CE Mark and the new UKCA mark.

A link to the guidance can be found here. The guidance advises that the CE Mark will be accepted as a conformity mark for most products placed on the UK market until 1st January 2022. Therefore during 2021, both CE and UKCA marks will be acceptable in the UK. This is a significant change from the advice previously offered.

Those products for which the CE Mark will not be acceptable during this period are those which have undergone assessment by a UK Approved Body after 1st January 2021 for which only the UKCA mark can be applied. These products will have to undergo additional assessment by an EU Notified Body if they are to be placed on the EU market after that date.

The above guidance remains the case while UK and EU legislation is in alignment and although there are no plans for UK legislation to diverge during this period, we will monitor the situation and publish updates if this changes.

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