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BREXIT & CE Marking Update (March 17)

UPDATE: On 29th March 2017, the UK government delivered a letter to Donald Tusk, President of the European Council announcing its intention to leave the European Union and in doing so formally started the ‘Article 50’ process. The process will now involve a two-year period of negotiation to agree the terms of the UK exit. Fundamental to this is the creation of a ‘Great Repeal Act’ which will transfer the body of EU legislation into UK law.

Within the letter, Theresa May outlined a number of principles which will form the basis of the UK’s negotiations with the EU. Two statements within the letter which may have particular relevance to CE marking are as follows:

“…the Government will bring forward legislation that will repeal the Act of Parliament – the European Communities Act 1972 – that gives effect to EU law in our country. This legislation will, wherever practical and appropriate, in effect convert the body of existing European Union law (the “acquis”) into UK law. This means there will be certainty for UK citizens and for anybody from the European Union who does business in the United Kingdom.”

“We also understand that there will be consequences for the UK of leaving the EU: we know that we will lose influence over the rules that affect the European economy. We also know that UK companies will, as they trade within the EU, have to align with rules agreed by institutions of which we are no longer a part – just as UK companies do in other overseas markets.”

Although not definitive, this does appear to indicate a strong willing to retain existing product compliance legislation post-Brexit.

In terms of the UK’s position with regards to European Standards, BSI have offered the following advice, although it should be noted that this advice was issued prior to the triggering of Article 50 (which can be viewed here on the BSI Group website).

We will continue to follow the Brexit process and consider its effects on CE marking for UK manufacturers. If you wish to discuss any topics related to CE marking, then please get in contact.

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