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Plugs and supply cords for household products

Recent client enquiries have highlighted the difficulty in sourcing appropriate components for the manufacture of household electrical products, without affecting the CE mark.

Managing the supply of components can often lead to a frantic search for new suppliers and any available product just to keep the production line going. However, in order to comply with Low Voltage Directive [LVD], it must be remembered that the majority of electrical components should already be approved before they become a part of the final product.

Take for example mains supply plugs and cords. In order to meet the requirements of a harmonised standard such as IEC 60335 [and in turn comply with the LVD], the manufacturer must ensure that they hold valid certificates from a Notified Certification Body, to show that the plugs and cords to be used in their products already comply with the appropriate legislation [such as EN 50525 or IEC 60227 for cords and BS 1363 or IEC 60884 for plugs].

In many instances, suppliers may forward a Declaration of Conformity in regards to proof of compliance. For mains plugs and sockets, this is not enough. It is mandatory that these items are tested and certified according to the relevant component standard.

Further guidance on the application of the Low Voltage Directive can be found here:


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